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 Removing Animal Hair:

Best way to collect or remove hair from furniture is to use rubber gloves. Put them on and wipe your hand across the hair. The pet hair will then begin to clump together and form bundle in place. This makes it easier for you to pick the hair up in bunches and put in the bin.

Simple food removal for a clean home and oven:

Acting quickly is the best way to ensure that the spills do not stick to the oven. To avoid having to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing dirty food, sprinkle salt over the spills as quickly as possible. When the oven cools down you will be able to brush away the burnt food with a damp cloth or sponge, leaving you with a clean oven.

Essential tips for cleaning plastic shower curtains:

Try placing the shower curtain in the washing machine with the normal laundry soap and add a cup of white vinegar to the wash. Then simply place it on a gentle wash. alternatively hand wash the curtain using the same two chemicals, however, be sure to use rubber gloves. White vinegar is acidic and is an excellent rising agent for soap and water stains that have been left by the shower

Dusting the back of Radiator:

Try hanging a damp cloth or sheet of damp newspaper behind the radiator and blowing the radiator with a hair-dryer, this will force out the hidden dust, forcing it to stick to the cloth or newspaper that you have strategically placed behind the radiator.

Sparkling Glasses:

To remove the stubborn stickers easily, simply rub smooth peanut butter all over the sticker area. Toothpaste can also be used to make the glass sticker free. Use a moist cloth or sponge and rub the area gently, leaving you with sparkling cocktail glasses.

Removing Carpet Impressions:

Go straight to the freezer when you
realize that the furniture has left an impression in your carpet. Place two ice cubes on each impression. As they melt they will loosen the carpet fibers so that they stand, rather than looking flat, let the area dry overnight then vacuum, leaving your carpet looking as good as new.


Using a bucket to place all of the equipment you feel you may need to use whilst cleaning, is a massive advantage and can be kept within reach at all times.

Domestic cleaning that makes sinks sparkle:

emptying the sink of the days used crockery. Use this but effective tip to make you feel like a domestic cleaning god or goddess. To make sure that the sink sparkles, shake baking soda onto a sponge and rub the sink gently all around. Rinse the sink after this has been done and watch the sink sparkle back at you.

Shiny Silver Cutlery:

To clean solid silver cutlery (not plated silver) line a plastic bowl with
aluminum foil, shiny side up, put a mug full of soda crystals in the bowl and add sufficient hot water to immerse the cutlery. Put your rubber gloves on, drop in the cutlery and see the cutlery turn a beautiful bright shade in a couple of minutes. Rinse under a warm tap until no soda remains on them. Buff to a high shine with a dust cloth.

OCD Cleaners know how hard it is to clean some things so we have put a few cleaning tips on to help you.

Ocd Cleaners' Cleaning Tips